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Torsion Testing Machine

  • Spring Tprsion Testing Machine

    Spring torsion testing machine The spring Torsion Testing Machine is the latest developed spring torsion testing machine of digital count, mainly applied to torsion angle and torsion torque test of torsion spring, spiral coil spring, elastic element and friction mechanism.e...

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  • Spring Testing Equipment

    Spring testing equipment Is mainly used for tension spring, compression spring, saucer reed, tower spring, leaf spring, clip spring, flat spring, composite spring,gas spring, mould spring, deformed spring and other precision spring tensile,compression, displacement and...

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  • Material Trosion Testing Machne

    Material torsion testing machine The material spring torsion testing machine is mainly applied to various small torsion spring, coil spring snail, flexible mechanical components and the twist angle of friction, torque testing. Reverse torque, angle digital display, the angle...

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  • Digital Torsion Testing Machine

    Digital torsion testing machine is designed for conducting torsion and twist tests on various metal wires, tubes and steel materials. Torque range can be adjusted and torque is applied to specimen by servo motor and cycloid speed reducer.

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  • Computer Control Wire Torsion Testing Machine

    Main Applications: This testing machine uses Computer-controlled AC servo system and is loaded through the active clamping head driven by the AC servo motor and cycloidal pinwheel redution motor. The torque and torsion angle are measured with high-precision torque transducer...

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  • Digital Type Wire Torsion Tester

    Application: Wire torsion testing machine applies to determine the ability of diameter(or feature size) of 0.1-20.0 mm wire for bearing plastic deformation in one way or two way torsion test, display the surface and internal defects of the wire. Provide reliable data for...

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  • Computer Control Wire Torsion Tester

    1.Servo motor drive, ensure the reverse speed constancy.
    2.Cyclonical reducer drive, ensure driving high efficiency and stability
    3.Electrical control system has a high stability, operation is stable and reliable, fast response,low noise, adjusting parameters...

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  • Metal Wire Torsion Testing Machine

    Product Application: It is mainly used for diameter 0.2~20mm metal wire torsion testing. The function is determine metal wire to withstand severe plastic deformation in one-way or two-way reversed ability and display of wire surface and inner defect.It is a reliable measure...

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