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Tensile Testing Machine Measurement Principle
Oct 18, 2018

1. The force value of the tensile test machine is measured by the load cell, the amplifier and the data processing system. It is known from the data mechanics that under the premise of small deformation, the strain ε at a certain point of an elastic element is proportional to the force received by the elastic element, and also proportional to the elastic deformation. Taking the S-type tester sensor as an example, when the sensor is subjected to the pulling force P, since the strain gauge is attached to the outer surface of the elastic member, since the strain of the elastic member is proportional to the size of the external force P, the strain gauge is inserted into the measuring circuit. , the output voltage can be measured, and then the force is measured.

2. The measurement of the deformation is measured by the deformation measurement installation, which is used to measure the deformation of the sample during the course of the experiment. There are two chucks on the installation, which are connected with the photoelectric encoder mounted on the top of the measurement installation via a series of bio-signal structure. When the interval between the two chucks changes, the shaft of the photoelectric encoder is twisted and photoelectrically encoded. The device will have a pulse signal output. The processor then disposes of the signal to obtain the amount of deformation of the sample.

3. The measurement of the beam displacement is roughly the same as the deformation measurement. The displacement of the beam is obtained by measuring the number of output pulses of the photoelectric encoder.

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