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Tensile Testing Machine Classification
Oct 18, 2018

1. Pointer type tensile testing machine: This traditional type of tensile testing machine has been basically eliminated by the digital display tensile testing machine due to its low test accuracy and low cost performance. However, in the small power range, it is our common dynamometer, which is often used by factories for simple strength testing of small products. Because of its low price, it is still very popular.

2. Digital display tensile testing machine is also called microcomputer type tensile testing machine: the test data is directly displayed on the LCD screen, the test items are relatively fixed, and are often used for quality control of the factory.

3. Computer system tensile testing machine: It is the most common tensile testing machine. Since the test data is collected by the computer, the final data of the user is obtained through the calculation of the software program, and can be printed by means of a report. Commonly used in scientific research units, testing institutions, new product development, etc.

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