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Introduction To Universal Testing Machine
Oct 18, 2018

Universal testing machine is also called universal material testing machine, or tensile machine, double screw series, integrated structure of control, measurement and operation.

Integrating contemporary advanced technology, it has the advantages of high precision, wide speed range, compact structure, convenient operation and stable performance. The electronic universal testing machine meets the requirements of GB/T1040, 1041, 8804, 9341, 9647, ISO7500-1, GB16491, GB/T17200, ISO5893, ASTM D638, 695, 790 and plastic pipes. It is suitable for tensile, compression, bending and creep tests of samples and products of plastics, waterproof materials, textiles, paper products and rubber. It is equipped with a large pressure plate for direct compression of the pipe (compression recovery) and ring stiffness ( Tests against external load), creep ratio, and ring tensile strength.

The universal material testing machine is a combination of modern electronic technology and mechanical transmission technology. It is a large-scale precision testing instrument that fully utilizes the special features of electromechanical. It can stretch, compress, bend, peel, cut, etc. various materials. A number of performance tests, and features a wide measurement range, high precision, and fast response. Reliable work, high efficiency, real-time display and printing of test data.

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