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Functional characteristics of electronic universal material testing machine
Dec 08, 2018

1. Software platform: VC programming can run independent installation software under WINDOWS 98 / 2000 / XP system.

2. A variety of uses: can be used for various materials such as stretching, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling, low cycle, creep and other tests.

3. Force value expansion: One device can simultaneously calibrate multiple sensors, extending the test range.

4. Range mode: full scale without splitting, can support the sensor full load 0.2%-100%.

5. Curve optional: Various curves such as stress-strain, force-elongation, force-time, force-strain, strength-time can be selected.

6. Curve comparison: A set of experimental curves can be superimposed and contrasted in multiple colors.

7. Partial magnification: Any section on the test curve can be used for regional magnification analysis.

8. Data editing: The test data can be edited and modified, and it is flexible and applicable.

9. Automatic storage: data such as test conditions and test results can be automatically stored.

10. Report format: The test report format is flexible and adaptable to different requirements of different users.

11. Effective selection: The validity of the curve data in a set of experiments can be artificially selected.

12. Automatic return: The moving beam can automatically return to the initial position of the test.

13. Manual control: The beam can be manually controlled to move up and down.

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