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Fatigue testing machine working principle
Oct 18, 2018

The high-frequency fatigue testing machine works according to the principle of electromagnetic resonance, and relies on the shock of the electromagnet to apply the load. It is the first choice for the load of 20KN-300KN and the frequency of 80-250HZ. Need to adjust the frequency, the frequency is fixed a few files, according to the feedback from the customer, the FM operation is more troublesome.

The low-frequency fatigue tester works according to the principle of electro-hydraulic servo. It relies on the reciprocating motion of the hydraulic actuator to apply the load. The high-load 5KN-1000KN low frequency 0-10HZ is preferred. It is generally recommended to use around 10HZ. The higher frequency is for hydraulic servo. Friction damage to components such as valves, seals, etc. is too great, and the maintenance costs in the future are too high. Higher frequencies are not recommended. If maintenance costs are not considered, it is possible to use 20HZ, 30HZ, but the life of the hydraulic fatigue tester will be greatly affected.

According to the relationship between electric field and magnetic field, Mi Liguang International Trading Co., Ltd. realizes the reciprocating motion by moving the magnetic field back and forth. It is the first choice for small load 20N-30KN, frequency 0-100HZ, and the frequency can be set freely. . It is the first choice for small loads and medium frequencies.

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