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Fatigue testing machine maintenance
Oct 18, 2018

Also a 20KN fatigue tester system, the motor driven fatigue tester system is very expensive to purchase, but the hydraulic fatigue tester has many moving parts and seals and is expensive to maintain. In addition, its energy costs are high because the pump must run continuously and the oil is considered hazardous and must be replaced once it has been contaminated. Due to the friction of the transmission and/or servo valve seals, resolution and fidelity may be limited and the transmission's activity quality is very high. The lateral load of the transmission can also cause waveform distortion or seal wear due to friction during multi-axis applications.

Hydraulic fatigue testing machine needs regular shutdown to do some maintenance

1. Regularly change the oil filter to clean up the deteriorated oil.

Since the electro-hydraulic servo pressure tester is caused by metal contamination in the hydraulic oil, the filter element in the oil circuit of the system is periodically replaced, and the oil in the oil filter is drained to prevent dirt from entering the servo valve and effectively preventing malfunction. Occurs to extend the running time of the servo valve.

The torque motor and the pilot valve are completely immersed in the oil that communicates with the oil return, and the position is at the blind end of the pipeline. Therefore, the oil at this place hardly flows and is easily oxidized and deteriorated, so it is necessary to periodically discharge the deteriorated hydraulic oil.

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