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Fatigue testing machine
Oct 18, 2018

A fatigue testing machine is a machine that can test fatigue in various ways.

The fatigue testing machine is characterized by high load, high frequency and low consumption, which shortens the test time and reduces the test cost.

Fatigue testing machine is used to measure the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life of tensile, compressive or tensile load of metal, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixing parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) at room temperature. Pre-crack and crack propagation test. After equipped with the corresponding test fixture, the high-frequency fatigue tester can perform three-point bending test, four-point bending test, thin plate tensile test, thick plate tensile test, reinforced steel bar tensile test, chain stretching under sinusoidal load. Test, fixed joint test, connecting rod test, torsional fatigue test, bending and torsion composite fatigue test, interactive bending fatigue test, CT test, CCT test, gear fatigue test, etc.

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